The Cyber Security Challenge

SMEs face unique challenges in protecting themselves from hackers, computer viruses and malware, as well as conforming to regulations like GDPR. SMEs are large enough to be tempting targets for cyber-attack and data breach, but they typically lack the technical resources to manage their cyber security risks.

Introducing InsurTechnix's CyberSentinel

A simple cost-effective cyber risk management tool that is designed specifically for SME business users – Boards, CFOs and Data Protection Officers – who are ultimately responsible for managing their organisation’s cyber risk.

Business Benefits

Peace of mind

Confidence that your organization is not an easy target for hackers.

Avoid spyware, viruses, and other causes of business interruption.

Improved efficiencies

Zero False Positives - The CyberSentinel is designed specifically to alert only in the event of an actual risk. No need to waste your time wading through massive ‘might be a problem’ screens and reports.

Guard your valuable data - Instantly see where your sensitive data is, check that all the right people have access to that data and make sure that ONLY the right people have access to that data.

Quickly respond to evolving security threats.

Deliver summary risk management reports for the Board.

Have access to a comprehensive audit trail covering the identification and management of risk for security auditors, GDPR compliance and regulators.

Simple Installation

Once installed, the CyberSentinel runs unobtrusively in the background monitoring and reporting on the security posture of your devices (PCs/servers/laptops), giving you the information you need to manage your cyber risks.

Installation Instructions

How It Works

Your CyberSentinel is an all-in-one lightweight cyber risk detection and monitoring agent. The device is constantly scanned for key cyber risks including:

  • Are all operating systems and applications properly patched and up-to-date?
  • Are all firewalls active and fully secured?
  • Are anti-virus scanners up-to-date and active?
  • How many users have Administrator privileges on the device?
  • Is all personal (including personal sensitive data) only where it is expected to be?

Where risks are detected, the risk manager receives an instant alert and access to a simple report identifying and timestamping the issue. The CyberSentinel also records and timestamps any remediation. As the CyberSentinel continually monitors the devices, the risk manager has a fullauditable history of any changes to the risk environment.

CyberSentinel’s Own Security

Your CyberSentinel account is secured with best-of-breed bcrypt password hashing. All communications are secured with TLS 1.2 and data-at-rest is encrypted with AES-256. Reports detailing personally identifiable information are covered by true end-to-end encryption where all cryptographic keys are generated and managed by the client on your device and all encryption is done locally on your devices. Our server does not have access and is never able to learn your master encryption key or decrypt your reports.

Low Cost