Our Board

John Clarke (Co-founder and CIO) brings wide ranging experience of managing large technology development teams in fields as diverse as silicon chip design, oil field services, and investment portfolio risk optimization. He has extensive experience of information security and risk management. Fiona Kinghorn (Co-founder and CFO) is an experienced company director and CFO with a proven record of starting and building SMEs. She has worked across the technology sector as an entrepreneur, business professional and corporate adviser. She has implemented ISO 27001 certified security management systems and also been responsible for purchasing UK and US cyber insurance policies. Mark Evans (NED Chair) is formerly CFO for an EUR 800m region within Siemens Healthcare and is now a serial entrepreneur who has co-founded tech companies creating more than 100 high-value jobs in the UK.  Mark was also CFO for Secerno, a Database Firewall company, sold to Oracle.  Mark is currently CEO of Adaptix Ltd, and NED of 2 software based medical imaging companies. Bart Patrick (NED) has worked in the insurance and technology sector for 27 years, starting his career in marine and aviation claims. Bart has been instrumental in the sales, development and marketing of a range of insurtech offerings and has a strong track record of sales of technology into the insurance market. Bart has recently been appointed MD of Duck Creek Technologies, Europe. Duck Creek supplies technology to the insurance sector and employs c.1,200 people across 12 offices in five countries.

Our Story

John, Fiona and Mark first met at a med-tech startup in 2014. The company had developed core machine vision technology for surgical procedures. The technical challenge that John faced was that the core technology required massive computing power. Fiona was clear that using the company’s limited funds to buy servers was completely out of the question. John quickly realised that the only solution was to switch the processing into the cloud. Harnessing first 36 and then 64 high-performance GPGPU petaflop cloud computers enabled John to reduce the processing time from 20 minutes to <5 seconds. The fact that the servers were on-demand also made for huge cost-efficiencies and scalability at minimum investment. But this meant that patient data not only had to leave the hospital, it had to go out into the cloud and back again. John’s next challenge was to design and implement a security architecture would connect live imaging, archived imaging (PACS) and user interactions to the cloud in a way that would conform to the differing patient data security requirements of hospitals across the globe. As part of this process, John and Fiona built a new Information Security Management System (ISMS) from scratch for ISO 27001 certification and HIPPA compliance. Fiona also had to arrange cyber insurance for the business which proved both costly and complex. While we maintained an entirely separate network and highly secure network for the patient data as we set up and operated the ISMS, we quickly recognised cyber risk exposures on the corporate network. In particular, each time we conducted an internal audit, we realised that we did not always have full and immediate visibility to all the devices installed on our own network, let alone what applications, particularly cloud applications, had been installed on those devices and what data was being held on those devices. Every audit involved a significant investment in human time and resource. What we needed, we realised, was a simple cost-effective tool that would automatically detect and report on actual cyber risks on the corporate network, track remediations and monitor changes in the risk profile. We could not find it. In November 2017, we set up InsurTechnix, with the express purpose of using our experience of SME cyber security and cyber insurance to develop a simple, cost-effective cyber risk management solution for non-technical users.

Our Mission

Our sole purpose is to help you protect your business from cyber risk and we have tried to make this as easy as possible. Our CyberSentinel is specifically designed for SMEs; it is simple, easy to use and extremely effective. You get maximum cyber security for minimum effort, at a very low cost. And because we are always looking after your interests, we are working on a lot of new ideas to improve your protection - so watch this space.

Join the team

If you are passionate about cyber security and think that you've got what it takes to join our team, send your CV to hello@insurtechnix.com